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How to get debt help without getting screwed

In everyday life people are finding it difficult to meet financial obligations. Mortgage interest rate is rising and credit card fee continues to climb higher.It became confusing for the people to find the right debt relief program with different debt relief options because no company give proper guide in this regard to meet their financial troubles. There are number of important features to measure when dealing with different relief related offerings some of which are:


Make a plan

It seems like a simple step because in general we all talk about we want to be debt free and get out of it but practically we don’t follow. Make a firm decision. Research ways to get out of the debt and make plan to beat it by having calculation of Total money makeover. You have to change your financial attitude for real debt management.

Research all debt relief options

With the help of “how to get out of the debt calculator” and “Total money make over” can analyze the real situation and can track all the options. It helps to track the best option and barrier and benefits of each major solution.

Make a call

Looked into the debt relief solutions and contact a few debt relief companies that you think best fits in your credit clearance situation because different companies give different debt relief options such as debt settlement, loan forgiveness programs and credit counseling.  See what strategy they adopt to fix your loan. There are two types of strategies: “DEBT SNOWBALL & DEBT STACKING”.

Ways of good debt Management Company

See that does company offer only one solution to make you debt free or there is variety of options available.  If have number of choices to relieve your debt problem means company is on the right path to get you out of debt and can meet your specific needs “by having the right debt relief program”.  Make a checklist and see how they are tackling your situation. Are they getting your credit report via FREE CREDIT REPORT CARD to see where you stand andanalyzing your report and credit score.


See the interest of the company

Before narrating any solution either the company is giving you an incomplete picture of your debt or describing you the real situation. Are they just attracting you towards their solution or narrating you also about the other solutions that best fits in your scenario.  A best debt relief provider will not push towards his solution but will encourage contact other debt settlement companies.

Make massive monthly savings

Once get on the track you have to make monthly payments and for that you have to make savings. Good debt relief program also narrateshow to make savings by changing your attitude towards handling money for affordable monthly payments.

Reconsider the option

Once you make the decision reconsider in a day or two instead of rushing towards the solution.

Check cost and reliability of company

You have to consider that at what price debt relief company is giving you service and how debt relief company get paid because all the companies and programs are not the same. Eitherearning money from a percentage of what they save from you.As there are many fake companies upcoming you have to see that either the company is reliable enough or it is made just a night ago. You have to check that from how long they are indulge in such business and are they affiliated with BBB.


Don’t be enforced

After making decision see all the parameters and check either the company is not encouraging you to make an immediate decision. See company is not pushing you towards sudden grasp towards their program and actually meet all your obligations then will not be fake.

Achieving milestone


After following all the above steps in a strategic way it’s time to relax that have find a right solution.